Monday, April 1, 2019

Feeling Lonely Whatsapp Status

Feeling Lonely Whatsapp Quotes 100+ Lonely Whatsapp Dp For Profile: 

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Today in this post we will be sharing the best Lonely Whatsapp Quotes In English and 100 + Lonely Dp For Fb. As you all know that WhatsApp has just become a huge sensation among this generation people.

People have tough times as well as good times in their life and the tough times are the one when we get to know who our true friends are? That is why we have come up with an idea of writing a post on the topic Feeling Lonely Whatsapp Quotes 100+ Lonely Whatsapp Dp For Profile.

So if you dull and want to show your emotions and feelings through Whatsapp lonely quotes and Whatsapp Dp then you have just landed over the right page at the right time. Here you will get the heart touching Feeling Lonely Whatsapp Quotes,

100+ Lonely Whatsapp Dp For Profile which you can keep as your status and also your WhatsApp Dp. You can use these pics and quotes anywhere on the internet whether on Facebook, WhatsApp messenger, Google plus as you wish.

Feeling Lonely Whatsapp Quotes In English

  • There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rapture in the lonely shore, there is a society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, & music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.

  • I never feel lonely if I’ve got a book – they’re like old friends. Even if you're not reading them over & over again, u know they are there. & they’re part of our history. They sort of telling a story about our journey through life.

  • Baseball is a team game but, at the same time, it’s a very lonely game: unlike in soccer or basketball, where players roam around, in baseball, everyone has their little plot of the field to tend. When the action comes to u, the spotlight is on u but no one can help u.

  • I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers. A man thinking or working is always alone, let him be where he will.

  • Don’t feel alone, because there is always someone out there who loves u more than u can imagine.

  • If u judge urself for feeling lonely, it makes it even more difficult to take steps to change the situation. Then u may judge urself for not takng action to solve the problem.

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