Friday, April 12, 2019

50 Best Things to do on Birthday

Things to do on Birthday

Birthday is assumed as the most happening day of the year. Everyone make plans for it and make this day most happening and special one.  

The excitement remains on a ninth cloud about how to make this day full of joy and happening one. If you are also searching for some the cool ways to celebrate your birthday then here are 50 things you can do on a birthday.

Arrange a party to celebrate your birthday.

You can arrange a birthday party inviting your friends and family. This will be good fun and you will enjoy the day full of fun.

Go to a picnic.

You can go for a picnic on your birthday with your loved ones. You can have gossip or play at some lakeside or enjoy nature.

Watch a movie.

The other best way to enjoy the birthday is going out for a movie. You can ask some of your friends and hang out with them for a movie.

Buy a new dress.

This is the most interesting thing to do on the birthday. Buying a new dress always make you special on birthday.  Change your look and buy the new dress for yourself.

Having a haircut will change your looks. Have the haircut make yourself more beautiful and stylish.

  • Go for camping with friends or family members. Camping is another wonderful way to enjoy the day. You can add camping as one of the things to do on your birthday.

  • Make some dishes and try out cooking.

  • If you like cooking then makes a dish and surprises everyone with the dish.

  • Do some charity.

  • Doing charity is a good deed. You should do charity as it is a noble cause.

  • Make a plan for the future.

  • Birthday is the day to relish the past and make new plans for the future. So take out your pen and paper to write down the plans for the future.

  • Wish yourself a happy birthday.

  • This is also a cool thing to do. Just wake up early in the morning and wish yourself happy birthday. be the first to wish yourself a happy birthday.

  • Give gift for yourself.

  • Buy some gift just to impress yourself.

  • Plan a cool party

  • Go for a long drive.

  • Try something new.

  • Talk to old friends.

  • Go to some exotic places.

  • Make someone happy.

  • Sing a song.

  • Play some musical instrument.

  • Decorate yourself and make yourself feel special.

  • Make plans for new journey of life.

  • Plan for theme party.

  • Make yourself happy.

  • Plant some trees.

  • Try some adventurous sports.

  • Adopt a child.

  • Buy a pet for your company.

  • Be cheerful all the day.

  • Go out.

  • Don’t waste your

  • Watch your favorite movie.

  • Excel your hobby.

  • Make this day as no work day.

  • Cut the cake.

  • Make a wish.

  • Dance on your own tune.

  • Spend time with your family.

  • Take blessings from everyone.

  • Distribute sweets and money among the poor.

  • You can make less blessed people happy on your birthday by distributing the sweets among them.

  • Join some NGO

  • If you are social worker then this is perfect day for you to join the NGO.

  • Do some fun activities

  • Go fishing.

  • Spend time alone.

  • Read a book

  • Explore a new place.

  • Talk to strangers.

  • Eat something new.

  • Make a resolution.

  • Start a blog.

  • Motivate yourself.

  • Thank to god.

At the end of the birthday do not forget to thank to god for this wonderful birthday. These were the 50 things you can do on your birthday. hope you will like them and will try them all to make your birthday special.

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